Regarding fiber optic networks, FOCI's optical Adaptor and Connectors are reliable, precision components that connect fiber optic cables and provide optical connectivity. FOCI offers industry standard products that support a broad range of fiber and fiber cable types. Moreover, with accurate and detailed design and manufacturing capability, FOCI is able to customize products to meet customers' demand, and also provide customers with high performance customized cable assemblies.  

Connector/Adaptor Parts

P-AD Adaptors   P-BA Bare Fiber Adaptors
P-CN Connectors   P-FR Ferrules
P-SV Sleeves   P-FA Field Installable Connectors


J-AX Angled Fiber Pigtails/Patchcords   J-MP MPO Patchcords
J-MF Multi-fiber Fan-out Pigtails/Patchcords   J-SD-MP Multi-Fiber Cable Assemblies for SFP/QSFP/CXP
J-AF Armored PIGTAILS/ Patchcords J-LB Loopback Patchcords
J-FS Fiber Stubs   J-HY Pigtails for Transceivers
J-SD-FS Receptacles   J-XX-PX Polarization Maintaining Pigtails/Patchcards 
J-XX Fiber Pigtails/ Patchcords


D-RP Rack-mount Patchpanels   D-WP Wall-mount Patchpanels

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Important Notice:
FOCI reserves the rights to improve and modify the features and specifications of the products described in the catalouge without prior notification.


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