PLC Splitters, Couplers are fundamental components within fiber-optic networks with regard to power splitting and combining. Splitting/coupling components are used as individual part devices within various devices, modules, or subsystems for FTTX,CATV, LAN, Metro, long-haul, Security, and monitoring optical networks.
FOCI provides a wide range of optical splitting /coupling components
based on Planar-Lightwave Circuit, fused biconical tapered and micro-optic
technologies.These components offer you an efficient way to build your fiber networks infrastructure.


O-TS 1(2) x N PLC Splitters   C-TW Wideband Tree Couplers
C-DX Custom Designed Couplers   C-TS Singlemode Tree Couplers
C-NS Standard Singlemode Couplers   C-WS Singlemode Wideband Couplers
C-WD Dual Window Wideband Couplers   C-SD Dual Window Star Couplers
C-TD Dual Window Tree Couplers   C-US Unitary 1(3) x 3 Couplers


A-AF Fixed Adaptor Type Attenuators
M-VA-A Mechanical Variable Attenuators A-Type
M-VA-M Mechanical Variable Attenuators M-Type

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