USB3.0 AOC (MM Fiber Optic USB3.0 Extender).
FOCI USB3.0 AOC cable come with standard 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, and 100m, or customerized length with extra service charge.
Sub-assemblies, Pigtails/Receptacles, Detectors.
FOCI pigtailed photodiodes are designed for optical power monitoring applications. With a wide detection range and bandwidth, it is suitable to suit your applications. Receptacles, Detectors with high sensitivity, responsivity, it offers high performance ratio to meet your demanding design requirements.



L-SD-UA MM FO USB 3.0 extender  


E-PA InGaAs PIN Pigtail   E-PR PINTIA Pigtail
E-RA InGaAs PIN Receptacle   E-RR PIN-TIA Receptacle
E-RT VCSEL Receptacle E-TD Tap Monitoring Detectors
E-WD Integrated WDM Detectors E-OS 1*2 Optical Switch

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